Social Security Disability Attorneys

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Based in Saint Petersburg, Jorgensen Gibbons, P.A. has decades of experience standing up for the rights of people with disabilities in Florida.

With offices in Saint Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota, our accomplished lawyers represent disability clients throughout Florida.

Attorney E. Lynn Gibbons has been practicing Social Security Disability law for 18 years. Learn some of her SSD tips here.

Social Security Disability insurance benefits are not a handout. This is an insurance program to which working Floridians pay into with each paycheck. If you have become disabled prior to retiring from the workforce, and you have paid into the program, you have earned the right to receive SSDI benefits. We will help you prove this to the Social Security Administration as quickly as possible.

If you have not worked long enough to qualify for SSDI, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income. We can help you determine which program is for you and how to obtain benefits.

Personal Service, Experienced Guidance

Many of our SSD clients are already frustrated with the process when they walk into our office or call us. Either they have been denied benefits, or they feel lost and overwhelmed by the initial claims process.

Working with one of our talented Social Security Disability attorneys, E. Lynn Gibbons, in our Saint Petersburg office is very different than working with the faceless bureaucracy of the SSA or a non-attorney representative.

We work with our clients one-on-one, providing personalized and dedicated legal representation for the same fee as a non-attorney representative. Why would you choose a non-attorney representative when you could have Ms. Gibbons, an attorney who has been personally handling Social Security Disability claims for over 18 years, for the same fee?

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For more information about how we can help you receive your rightful SSDI or SSI benefits, call our office to schedule a free consultation: 727-347-7733 or 800-341-8338. 

All consultations are confidential and there is no fee unless we obtain benefits for you.

Ways To Qualify For SSDI

In a perfect world, those who are disabled would be able to quickly access the disability benefits and medical care they need. The Social Security Disability Insurance system was designed for just that purpose, but unfortunately many deserving people are denied benefits today.

In order to get your rightful benefits, it is wise to work with an experienced and reputable SSDI attorney. Based in Saint Petersburg, Jorgensen Gibbons, P.A., provides legal counsel to those seeking SSDI benefits throughout Florida.

We do not charge clients for our Social Security Disability services unless we win benefits for them. When fees do apply, we charge the same percentage as non-attorney representatives even though we are a licensed law firm with board-certified lawyers.