Five Tips To Help You Qualify For SSDI


Get a supportive doctor

Did your doctor recommend that you apply for SSDI? The Social Security Administration values the opinions of physicians. If your doctor believes you should receive benefits, ask him or her to complete a detailed statement. We provide our clients with forms for this.

Keep track of your medical records

Submit your updated medical records each time you apply or appeal. We ensure our clients provide the appropriate medical documentation at each step.

Watch deadlines carefully

Letting deadlines lapse can jeopardize your case. Be sure to respond promptly to all related letters and notices, and do not miss any consultative medical exams.

Be kind and courteous

When faced with the bureaucracy of the SSA, it is hard to keep a smile on your face. Maintaining a polite relationship with the people who work on your case can make a difference. People are simply more helpful when you have a friendly relationship with them.

Get a reputable disability attorney as soon as your claim is denied

The appeals process is tedious, convoluted and slow-moving. It is important to get a skilled lawyer on the case as soon as possible to protect your rights.