Mediation Services

Mediators help the parties in litigation come to an amicable resolution of their claims without having to go to trial. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which has been highly effective in resolving litigation for many years. A mediator is usually an attorney who has taken additional coursework to become certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a Circuit Civil Mediator. A mediator cannot control the outcome of a case or make a binding decision, they can only help the parties come to an agreement to resolve the case on their own.

At Jorgensen Gibbons, P.A. we use mediators several times a week to help us resolve cases that are in litigation for personal injury and workers compensation claims. In addition to representing our injured clients at mediation, both attorney E. Lynn Gibbons and Daniel Romanello have taken the training course to become certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as Circuit Civil Mediators. Ms. Gibbons has been a Circuit Civil Mediator since 2002 and Mr. Romanello became certified as a Circuit Civil Mediator in 2014. Ms. Gibbons offers her services as a mediator for workers compensation and personal injury claims and Mr. Romanello mediates personal injury claims – either pre-suit or in litigation. After years of representing only the injured, Ms. Gibbons and Mr. Romanello are well suited to discuss the issues in claims they mediate to help the parties avoid the pitfalls of litigation by achieving their own result through settlement.

If you have an interest in scheduling Mr. Romanello or Ms. Gibbons to mediate a claim you are litigating, call our office at 727-347-7733 or consult our online calendar below.