Families Helping Families For Over 30 Years

Jorgensen Gibbons, P.A. is a true family business. Attorneys and partners, Sharon Jorgensen, E. Lynn Gibbons and Dan Romanello have spent the last 30 years putting their God-given talents to work to improve the lives of the injured and disabled men and women, and their families.

The firm's mission has been to treat the injured and disabled who walk through our doors or call us from afar to come to their aid in a difficult situation the way we would want to be treated if we were faced with similar adversity in our own lives.

Through the years, we have relied on the support and talents of our own family members in order to achieve that lofty goal. Bob Jorgensen, Sharon's husband of 29 years, has been the firm's bookkeeper and jack-of-all trades. Shannon Gibbons, Lynn's husband of 23 years, has assisted the firm in many areas, such as marketing, investigations, transportation of clients and community outreach projects. Lori Romanello, Dan's wife of 25 years, has acted as a legal assistant, helped out with marketing efforts and coordinated volunteer services through the years.

Then, there's the next generation…

Grady Jorgensen

Spencer Jorgensen

Katie Gibbons