Katie Gibbons

Katie Gibbons is the eldest daughter of attorney E. Lynn Gibbons. Katie has always had a calling for the law as she was born while Ms. Gibbons was a student at Stetson. As a young girl in elementary school, she routinely reminded her Mom of the date, "Take Your Daughters To Work Day," was on the calendar. She enjoyed attending court hearings, mediations and depositions at her Mom's side through the years.

She began working at Jorgensen & Gibbons, P.A. in 2006, when she was only 12 years old. Since day one, she has treated the firm's clients as if they were family. Katie graduated from St. Petersburg Catholic High School in 2012. In only two years, she earned a B.A. degree, Magna Cum Laude, in psychology from the University of South Florida's St. Petersburg campus in 2014. A basketball player in high school, she loves watching college basketball and football. She supports her local team, the U.S.F. Bulls and bleeds gold and green!

At the age of 20, Katie decided to spend a year working in a full time capacity before following her Mom's footsteps and attending Stetson University beginning in the Fall of 2015. Katie began working in the personal injury and social security departments using her superior writing skills to draft letters and briefs for the attorneys to review and edit. However, after a long-term employee retired, she stepped up to the plate and decided to put her talents to work as a full time legal assistant in the workers' compensation department. Because the workers' compensation laws in Florida are so unfair, she deals with challenging and heart-wrenching situations on a daily basis.

Katie has shown her compassion for the underdog by expediting Motions and even personally delivering lost wage checks to down-and-out clients when the situation warrants. Each day, she dedicates herself to making her Mom's life easier by maintaining her schedule and filing pleadings, Motions and settlement paperwork on the court's website and making her clients' lives better by guiding them through a very complicated legal system with the kindness, honesty, dignity and attention that they deserve. She gathers the facts and information necessary for Ms. Gibbons to properly advocate their claims and achieve the best result possible in a terrible, practically defunct legal system. Jorgensen Gibbons, P.A. looks forward to Katie graduating with her J.D. from Stetson University College of Law in December of 2017 and joining the firm as an associate working in the workers' compensation, personal injury and social security disability departments.